10 Top Foods to try in the Netherlands

I remember when I first came to Holland, I was a few pounds/kilos lighter, that was 10 years ago.   I enjoy going to other countries and trying their traditional foods.  My Dutch husband really missed these foods when we were living in the States, so I thought I’d share the 10 top favorite Dutch food.

The first thing I noticed was that on the side of the streets and in shops, there are snacks in the vending machines (known as FEBO).  I couldn’t help take a picture as I had never seen this before.

FEBO vending machine

I also enjoy going to the grocery store to see different types of foods.

#1 on our list is Dutch snacks (only listed top 4 here)

frikandel special





broodje kroket
Kaassouffle with French Fries (don’t forget the Mayo)





#2 – Poffertjes

#3 Appletaart (Apple Pie), usually served during visits with Coffee.

#4 Stroopwafels

#5 Hollandse nieuwe haring (it’s a Traditional Dutch food), however we personally don’t like it, but those that like fish, should at least try it once.

#6  Goudse Kaas

Cheese Market


#7 Drop (Drop is the Dutch word for licorice)

#8 Rookworst

#9 Oliebollen (Dutch Donuts)

#10 Stamppot

Although there are many other typical Dutch foods, food creates memories.  Food feeds the soul. We all eat food and sharing the food in the country you are visiting is the best way to connect with the people, culture and land.   What feeds your soul?





  1. I love all 10 of them since I am half Dutch. My favourite is definitely bitterballen and broodje kroket with mustard! So so good! Have you tried the fries with pindakaas (warm peanut sauce)? Typical Dutch as well!

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