About Us

Hello World,

My husband and I enjoy traveling, riding motorcycles and going to festivals and events with our friends.

These are some stories we would love to share with you about our adventures.

It started in Toronto 15 years ago.  I was from New York and he was from Holland.  It was his last day of his vacation and by chance, he went with his friends to a country bar.  When we saw each other, it was love at first sight.  However, we could only exchange phone numbers as I was being put on the bus to go back home and he had a flight to catch in the morning.

After 4 days of Paul calling me, (I never got those calls by the way), I answered, but he couldn’t hear me.  He figured I gave him the wrong number, so it was his last attempt.  I tried for over an hour to call back, but it wasn’t easy calling overseas when you don’t have international calling, a credit card or can’t charge to your home phone when you aren’t home.  So, when I finally got through, I  reached his voice mail and left a message.  He was traveling for his work and was away from home for a few days.  When he returned home, he heard my message and called me.
We stayed in contact for 2 months, but during that time, I moved to California and He decided to take a trip out to see me for 2 weeks.

After those 2 weeks were over, he went back to the Netherlands, quit his job, sold his house and his belongings and joined me in California with only 2 suitcases.  We got married the following summer.  

That was almost 15 years ago.  We stayed in California for 5 years and then decided to move to the Netherlands for more adventures and explore Europe together. Here’s some of our pics over the years. 





We hope  you like our story and enjoy hearing of some of our experiences.  Our journey continues on with more adventures.  We enjoy life, seeing new things, meeting people and going to new places.   We love riding our motorcycles and being with friends.  We both work full-time and have a lot of hobbies.  We have 5 children, 4 boys that are all grown up and live in the states and 1 daughter still at home.  She’s 20 now and also travels mostly for her hobbies.  She has travel in her blood.  I wonder where she gets that from.