It could be worse, it could be raining…

no Twitter with current idAs I sit here drinking my coffee, I can only smell the dog poop. I woke up this morning alone because Paul had to go to a funeral in the South of Belgium.  A friend picked him up early and I could sleep for a couple more hours.  We went to bed late again. But first things first, make coffee.  As I stepped out of the car to put the teapot on the camping stove, I can’t believe it, I almost stepped in a pile of dog poop right behind my car.  I tried to clean it up, but only started gagging.  Absolutely no way, this is too much for me to handle.  So I decide I’m going to move the car over top of it.  But where are the keys?  Yep, he did it again.  I text Paul and ask him, “Where are the car keys?”.  Yep, he has them in his pocket.  Again.  You think after 15 years, I’d learn to have my own set with me. Plan B, I can put the car in Neutral and push it backwards over the poop.  I give it everything I can, but no way can I do this.  I don’t have the strength and the sun is already beating down and I’m sweating.  Okay, guess that’s not going to work.  Well, my only option is to cover it up and put the table on top so I don’t step in it. We decided yesterday to drive to Belgium for a party that my girlfriends were attending.  They flew in from Sweden and I wanted to visit with them.  Since we didn’t arrive until midnight, we decided to sleep in the car the first night and put up the tent in the morning.  I brought a tent that I can put up by myself knowing Paul wouldn’t be there and I could have everything done before he came back. As I was setting up the tent, I got a message from one of the girls asking if I wanted to join them on a visit to the old town in Antwerp.  I would have loved to, but since I didn’t have the car keys, I told them I’d catch up with them later when Paul got back.  I was already exhausted from the experience.  Did I really say yesterday that I was looking forwards to the adventure, but hey, it could be worse, at least it wasn’t raining. When Paul arrived, we went into the city to spend the afternoon with the ladies.  

We headed back to the campsite to get ready for the party that night.  We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed seeing each other again. After a nice evening, Paul and I decided to call it a night.  As we crawled into the tent, I realize the tent was a little bit too small.  Paul couldn’t fit in it completely straight.  I guess it’s made for midget’s or just 1 person.  Well it was only for 1 night, so we figured we would manage.  It was not too big of a deal until we woke up completely drenched from the rain pouring down.  Not only was the tent too small, but it wasn’t waterproof. What did I just say yesterday?  It could be worse, it could be raining.



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