What do you do when diagnosed with cancer? Part II Living my life, traveling the world

First, I would like to mention that Part I was a bit too long, but I didn’t think I could make it shorter and put all my feelings and experiences in one post, plus, it was a bit emotional reliving it as it feels like it was just yesterday.

When we got the news, we were devastated but relieved that it hadn’t spread, however, a friend of ours came to visit and explained she went through the same thing and was told it didn’t spread.  She went for a second opinion and found out it did.  She recommended we do the same, so the following week during our next appointment we requested also a second opinion.  As we waited for the results, I couldn’t stay home anymore.  Luckily, I could work from home during this time, so I did what I do best.  Start searching to go somewhere different.  Planning my next travel adventure.  I thought that when my results came back I would be somewhere else and if it was bad, I could escape for a little bit.  

We decided on going to Serbia, it was reasonably priced (4.99€ one way) total was €9.98 per person for a Ryan air flight and rooms were €20 a night. I will write a post on this one in the near future.  We experienced a country that didn’t have much money and it made me feel grateful for what I had.  This was exactly what I needed.  My husband also.  The call came in from the doctor and the 2nd opinion results showed, that indeed, it had not spread.  I was so thankful.  

My surgery was planned for the middle of December.  I had won a 3 day trip to Prague and had one year to use it.  So luckily, I could still go because the surgery was planned for the next day after I returned.  I used this time on the trip to explore, take photos and just enjoy the two of us together.  I really was worried that something would go wrong during surgery but didn’t want to tell anyone or say it out loud.  I just wanted some peace and relaxation before.   Post also coming in the near future.  

The surgery went well and I was clearly instructed to do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks and no lifting and take it easy for the next 4.   Normally I would have had trouble with this, but I decided for the first time in my life, I was going to listen.  I figured I wasn’t listening before and now it was payback for not taking care of myself.  The hospital called me right before Christmas (and they literally said), we know you don’t like to be told on the phone, but this you will like.  The surgery was a success and they got all the cancer removed.   This was the best Christmas present I could have ever got.  We were thrilled.  

I learned a lot about myself and others during this time.  People I thought were friends were not.  I heard comments like, “We all have something”, people I expected to visit me or call me didn’t.  However, I also found out who my real friends are.  I am much stronger today that I ever was.  I am more determined than ever to “Live my life as if it were my last”.  I will travel more and share my stories more and I will be there for those people who I call friends.  I am a survivor. 

Everyone that reads this article, my advice to you is: Listen to your body, go to the doctors, get regular checkups.  If you’re early enough, you may be able to save your life as I did. 



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